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Jan 2, 2013 4:00pm EST
the ncaa. he wants the courts to throw out all sanctions levied on penn state university in the wake of the gerry sandusky scandal. governor corbett says he believes the ncaa is benefiting from the imposed sanctions and believes the sanctions punish everyone but the actual people responsible. >> this they punish past, paren and future students. log businesses an the citizens of pennsylvania. >> the sanctions including a $60 million fine on the university and bowl bans. pat? >>> you thought the debate over taxes and spending was bad here? france is engaged in a major money showdown. it involves the country's recently elected president, who wants to tax millionaires at a 75% rate, as michelle ko sine can i report, the controversial plan was just struck down by france's high court, but the battle is not over. >> reporter: france may be the first place of labels and luxury. chanel, champagne. >> france is a country where you have a president who said i don't like the rich. >> that's the successor to nicklas sarkozy. he's vowed to tax the rich, 75% on income over a million euros. accordin
Jan 2, 2013 6:00am EST
conference is scheduled this morning to announce the filing in u.s. district court. last june former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing ten boys. in july, the university agreed to a $60 million fine to be used to finance child abuse prevention grants across the country. state and federal lawmaker have raised objections to the money being spent outside of the state of pennsylvania. >>> when we come back, we'll make our first trip to chairs in 2013. the stories that we're squawking about to start the new year after this. >>> before we do that, before we head to break, check out the early action in europe. this is a good indication of what you'll see here this morning. u.s. futures are sharply higher, same story over in europe. right now the cac in france up 2.2%. similar gains in germany and in london. we'll see more when we come right back. at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance. because what you don't know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that boxes by the curb... make you a target for thieves? or that dog bites account for a third of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2